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Darkam Marketing Service’s approach to lead generation start with a well-defined strategy. Our goal is to increase your awareness towards key target audiences. Our approach utilize systems and marketing techniques that will generate more traffic to our website which will in turn provide more qualified leads for our clients. We provide ongoing marketing ideas to engage target audiences and generate leads. From there, the lead generation plan is developed. There are 3 phases to good lead generation strategy and they are:


Phase One: Content Assessment

At the beginning of any lead generation and marketing effort, is the marketing approach.  Does COMPANY XYZ embrace the needs of its target audiences?  Do the words; the tone; and the context of what’s written allow prospects to engage further with you?  Does your brand resonate with your prospects?  What is your value proposition and your differentiation? These and other issues need to be addressed via conversation with you.  If during our initial discovery efforts we find additional market research is needed, we will recommend that.

Phase Two: Lead Generation

With the marketing approach confirmed, the next step is to leverage that content to build site traffic and leads.  As stated previously, there are two ways content can be utilized to generate traffic and engage prospects.

When a website is built or revised, people need to find it.  Based on research from comScore, 85% of businesses use search during the purchasing process.  The SEO process ensures web pages and online content have the highest potential to appear in the top rankings of search engines where prospects are looking. It’s important to know that SEO is a customized process, based on company objectives, that combines a mix of techniques.  The major tasks of our SEO plan are:

Phase Three: Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing is a systematic process for regulating the flow of leads between marketing and sales. The science behind selling says everyone engages in a series of steps before making a purchase:

  1.   Defining a problem that needs to be solved
  2. Educating about potential solutions to the problem
  3. Determining the appropriate course of action to solve the problem.


The steps described above is called the buying cycle. Lead nurturing helps companies maintain a continuous dialogue with potential customers during the buying cycle.