About Us

Company Overview Darkam Marketing Services comprises of a team of specialists who develops effective marketing strategies, which include traditional, non-traditional, local and national initiatives with an entrepreneur approach tailored to meet the goals and objectives of our clients.  This includes any marketing initiative whether it be strategic planning & development, Internet marketing, website development, branding, marketing communications, advertising, PR or promotions.  We strive to fully understand our client’s needs and provide them with a creative solution. See our complete list of marketing services.


Darkam Marketing Services was pioneered by Richard Roberts, a marketing specialist with a successful career in the online marketing space. He consciously decided to work with small to medium size businesses years ago because that’s where his level of commitment and dedication would make the greatest impact and where he receives the highest level of project satisfaction.  When our clients join the Darkam Marketing Services family it becomes more like a partnership where we help our clients maximize their business potential by allowing them to focus on their strengths and priorities.  Darkam Marketing Services creates a solid marketing consultant atmosphere thus allowing our client’s businesses to achieve maximum results, which in turns increases sales and profits.

Our Mission Our mission is to help our clients increase their sales & profits and build brand awareness by developing cost effective, results driven marketing initiatives designed to maximize their potential.

Our Process We begin by evaluating your current marketing programs to identify where there are opportunities for optimization. This includes taking a close look at your top competitors and identifying/developing your differentiation and key advantages over them.  From there we develop a customized integrated marketing plan, which includes our recommendations for the top prioritized marketing initiatives that all will provide you with the best results.  Darkam Marketing Services fully manages, implements and reports on all aspects of your marketing program so you can focus on priorities such as taking your business to the next level of success.  Outsource your marketing with Darkam Marketing Services and discover your true business potential.

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